16 Elf On The Shelf Costumes That Are Too Cute To Pass Up

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Your kids will be amazed by their elf’s new duds.

The original Elf on the Shelf, which debuted in 2005, came in very traditional “elf” clothes: A red pointy hat, a ruffled white color, and a red suit. Basically, the elf is dressed quite a bit like Santa himself. But since Elf On The Shelf has taken off as a worldwide Christmas tradition, everything about the elf has gotten a lot more creative. From adorable ways to roll out your Elf On The Shelf’s arrival (I’m partial to the scavenger hunt idea) to funny ways to pose your Elf On The Shelf for pictures, the elf has proven to be an inspiration for many clever people’s creativity to shine. But putting your elf in some dazzling Elf On The Shelf costumes takes it to a whole new level. Some of the costumes below even will make your elf stand up, which can’t hurt the illusion that they really are alive. Some of the costumes come in sets, so you’ll have enough clothes to change your elf every night when you move them all the way to Christmas. Whether you want to make your kids laugh with delight or coo over how dapper their elf looks, there are some great elf on a shelf costumes that will fit your family’s interests and budget. Velvet Fabric Dress

16 Elf On The Shelf Costumes That Are Too Cute To Pass Up

The fun thing about these costumes is that you can mix and match: it’s up to you whether you want just the sweater with the bow or without, and whether you want pants or a skirt. The sweater alone is $7, and a complete set with either pants or skirt is $12. If you have two elves, you can get them matching outfits or complementary ones. They’re handmade, and have some extra-cute details like white piping on the collar and sleeves. The Etsy artist can do custom designs if you have your heart set on a different look.

Your pizza-loving kid might not be able to resist taking a big ol’ bite out of his elf when he dons this cheesy look. This is an easy costume to slip on and off your elf — no fiddly buttons, tricky zippers, or even pants that can be harder to pull on for little hands. So if you don’t have the rule that the elf can’t be touched, your kid can have some fun transforming his elf into a slice of yummy pizza. The costume is 100% polyester, and perfect fit for 12 inch elves.

I saw lots of adorable Bluey costumes on Halloween, and there’s no reason that your elf can’t get in on the fun and put on a costume of one of the main two characters from this beloved show. If you have more than one elf, or want to dress up your elf as both the big brother and the little sister, you can get both Bingo and a Bluey Elf On The Shelf costumes together for $30. These handmade costumes are made out of felt, and the shirt has a stretch back that makes it easy to get on and off your elf.

These PJ pants are decorated with bold Christmas lights and the soft shirt says “Snowy Nights, Holiday Lights.” It’s hard to argue that those two aren’t an impeccable combo. They might be a perfect choice for Christmas Eve, whether or not your family has the tradition of giving out new pajamas on that night. The plush fabric will make your elf soft and cuddly, and the bright colors will make him into a perfect holiday decoration.

If your elf is usually lounging around, these pants can make them stand to attention. The MagiFreeze jeans give your elf a boost to help them stand up straight and stay perfectly balanced, even if you load them down with a tray of cocoa. Their tray comes with both a sprinkle donut and a glazed chocolate donut, as well as a mug of cocoa that has its own little spot to snap onto the tray and stay there. The blue visor, shiny brown shoes, and apron (that has a picture of a giant mug of cocoa) completes the look.

If your little one can’t get enough of all things space, they’ll be delighted by this Elf On The Shelf costume. It comes with a space helmet that lets you see through to the elf’s cute face, as well an elf flag for them to plant wherever they land. It even glows in the dark, so if your little one is out of bed when they shouldn’t be, they’ll be in for a surprise. Like the cocoa set, the pants have built in snaps that will let your elf stand up and stay balanced, even if they’re on a distant planet.

If you have a kid who never takes off their fairy wings, they’ll be delighted when suddenly their elf transforms into a different magical creature. The shimmery, rainbow skirt is made of organza and the wings, that have elegant cutouts, are made of felt. This also makes the elf stand up straight and proud, and look like an en pointe ballerina. Whether your little one loves ballet, fairies, rainbows, or just all things fancy, this costume might be a real hit.

These adorable felt aprons have elegant ribbons that wrap around the elf’s neck and waist, and a cheerful Christmas tree that’s decked out with gold balls (and a small start on top.) For an extra $3, you can personalize it with a message or your child’s name.

This 4-pack of cotton shirts will give your family something new to smile at every day. One is blue and says “Ho ho ho” (with a picture of a Santa), one has a cheeky reindeer and the words “I’m on the nice list”, one has a mouse popping out the chimney saying “Meowy Christmas.” If your kid loves puns (or if you do), they’ll be delighted by these goofy shirts.

The green and red plaid dress is a classic choice for kid’s Christmas dresses for good reason: It’s both adorable and looks great next to a Christmas tree. Your elf can get the same effect with this ensemble, which matches them perfectly. The actual dress is sleeveless and doesn’t have a color, but because the elf has both the hat and color built-in, it looks like a fancier outfit than it really is.

Firefighter (and ballerina) are most famously the answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up,” at least when you ask the under-5 set. This outfit has everything your elf needs to turn into a firefighter himself: A fire extinguisher (that he can really hold), a shirt with painted on suspenders and fireproof pants, and even black boots. The yellow belt has a snowflake on it because even during times of crisis, your elf never loses his winter spirit.

“Karate” might not be the first skill you’d expect an elf to have, but this outfit might make you reconsider. The set comes with a white and green-lined shirt, a green belt (which means he’s already gotten a white, yellow, and orange belt, if we’re being technical about it, so he definitely has some skills.) The nunchucks are in the shape of candy canes, of course, and they loop around his hands so it can really look like he’s about to twirl them.

There’s something inherently thrilling to kids about pirates. Maybe just that they definitely don’t follow any rules. An eye patch, felt hat, sword, and map, all made of polyester, will transform your elf from everyday elf to pirate on the high seas in no time.

Peace and love are always in style. This sweatshirt reads “peace, love, Christmas,” with a peace sign in the middle. The tie-dye pattern also is a great homage to the fashions of that decade, though of course it’s in red and green. The sweatshirt can easily be pulled over any other outfit. A pair of sunglasses complete this cool look.

If you can’t decide on just one great Christmas costume, you can get any one of these quintessential Christmas costumes, or even the complete set of all five. If you want to personalize your elf (and drive home even more that they’re Santa’s helper) you can get the Santa costume with a sack with your kid’s name (or more than one name on it.) They might have a hard time resisting taking a peak inside. You can also dress your elf like a snowman, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, or reindeer.

Your elf will look extra mischievous wearing this shirt that gives him a perfect catch-all excuse for everything. What exactly is he blaming the dog for? Wouldn’t you like to know.

16 Elf On The Shelf Costumes That Are Too Cute To Pass Up

Holland Velvet Fabric These Elf On the Shelf costumes are sure to infuse your home with plenty of holiday cheer.