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2022-09-16 20:24:54 By : Ms. Cynthia Ye

NEWS – We love our multi-tools here at the Gadgeteer, so I’m always on the lookout for interesting ones to show you. The Ratchet Rocket multi-tool by Topeak is interesting because it’s a specialized multi-tool that has been designed for cyclists. It features a ratching bit driver with a #2 Phillips screwdriver bit, a 6mm, and 8mm box wrench, 2, 2.5, 3, 4 (2 pieces), 5 Allen bits, a chain tool, a secondary chain link fence, a chain pin breaker, a magnetic bit holder, a band clamp mount, and a QR clamp water bottle boss mount. Everything stores neatly in a convenient case for transport. Want one? Head over to Amazon where it’s listed for $47.99.

When I first started mt biking, I was looking for a bike tool set to carry. The guy at the bike shop asked: “Do you pedal when you go DOWNHILL?” … What?! Apparently, only aggressive riders risk breaking their chain while on the trail. Newbies like me only need a lightweight tool set (no chain tool).

John, interesting. I’m not a cyclist so I have no idea what tools are needed.

Well, if you pedal when you go downhill …

My set has various metric hex bits and hex wrench slots to tighten typical bike parts that might come loose during a ride. I had to separately buy tire levers and a tire patch kit to use if I got a flat. I’ve used them all and never needed a chain tool, so the guy was right. Cyclists are such minimalists.

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