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An angle grinder, also known as a side or disc grinder, is an invaluable detailing tool in a service garage or auto repair shop. It helps you grind, polish, sharpen, and cut through metal and stone. We put together a list of some of the best angle grinders available that will make a great addition to your garage or workshop.

BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool

Our reviews are driven by a combination of hands-on testing, expert input, “wisdom of the crowd” assessments from actual buyers, and our own expertise. We always aim to offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks.

This type of angle grinder comes in a corded or cordless model. Corded tools are convenient and suitable for both construction and home purposes. They are quite powerful and able to tackle a wide range of projects. Cordless angle grinders are even more popular because they allow for excellent portability. They even work in areas without wall outlets. However, cordless angle grinders might be less powerful than corded ones. 

Unlike the previous type, pneumatic angle grinders are powered by compressed air. They are quite powerful and maybe even more efficient than electric angle grinders. The discs on these tools spin fast, allowing you to cut both soft and hard materials. However, they do require an air compressor to work, and the discs might wear out quickly. 

These are heavy-duty tools mostly used for professional and construction projects. They are heavy, large, and provide high power output. Professionals use them to cut and shape thick and hard materials. Hobbyists find gas angle grinders too powerful and overall inconvenient for light tasks around the house. Also, the main drawback to this type is the small reservoir that requires frequent gas refills. 

Dewalt was founded in 1924 and is located in Towson, Maryland. It's a company that gained immense popularity among handypersons and professionals. With a wide offer in the categories of power and hand tools, accessories, and other gear and equipment, Dewalt is always one of the first choices on the market. The Dewalt DCG412B Grinder is one such product that proves to be very popular among customers. 

Porter-Cable was founded in 1906 in Syracuse, New York. Now, it has headquarters in Jackson, Tennessee. The company is widely-known for producing all kinds of power tools and accessories, from saws and grinders to belts and chargers. We find the Porter-Cable Angle Grinder Tool ideal for those looking for quality angle grinders. 

Black+Decker is a company that produces all kinds of tools, accessories, hardware, and home improvement products. It was founded in 1910 and is located in Towson, Maryland. Because Black+Decker stands behind its high-quality products, it's one of the most favored companies on the market. When it comes to grinders, the BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool is our favorite. 

One of the first things to consider before the purchase is the overall power of a particular angle grinder. The power of an electric grinder is expressed in watts, and picking the right wattage is quite easy. The higher number of watts you get, the more powerful the tool will be, which further means it will grind faster and be able to withstand heavy use. However, you don't always have to go for extra powerful tools. Depending on the application, mid-range ones can work just fine. 

Another essential thing to consider is the speed of the angle grinder. The average range in speed goes somewhere between 5,000-10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). The faster the tool turns out to be, the better the grinding results will be. However, that might not always be the case. 

Those who are not versed in using angle grinders might find using the tool at high speeds quite challenging. They might even damage the material they’re working on. Therefore, along with getting a tool with a wide speed range, it might be smart to get the one that has variable speed settings. The one that has this feature allows the users to select between different speed ranges according to the situation and each particular project. 

Because angle grinders perform many operations, they use different discs to suit those applications. There are cutting discs, grinding discs, flat and wire discs, and many more. Depending on the project you'll be working on, you'll need to switch between various models. Therefore, consider which types you need and which ones work the best for you, so you can get all the necessary discs. 

Disc size is also a crucial factor to consider. Most angle grinders use 4.5- inch large discs because they fit different surfaces and are easy to use. Also, small discs offer more precision for light and tricky tasks. However, they can be even larger depending on the surface, especially when it comes to using the tool for industrial purposes. 

Our top pick is the Bosch Angle Grinder, a high-performance tool that cuts through all kinds of materials, including concrete. With a six-amp motor and a speed of 11,000 RPM, it's very powerful and suitable for both home and professional purposes. Users all over the market praise it for impressive efficiency and precision.

This Bosch angle grinder is a top choice among metal workers, plumbers, automotive experts, and other professionals. It's one of those tools that provide reliability and efficiency daily, allowing for quick and easy cuts, grinds, and more. Additionally, the tool accommodates different discs and features debris-sealed housing.

Users also love the compact design that allows for more portability and ease of use. The tool weighs only around 3.75 pounds, which means you can move it around with ease. Furthermore, it features a two-position side handle that adjusts for ultimate comfort and has an ergonomic top for reduced fatigue on extended use.

Although the tool itself is sturdy and durable, the guard might be prone to damage. It's awkwardly positioned and might get in the way. The control button is not very well-designed either, and it tends to get stuck occasionally. Some buyers also complained about the casing being fragile and not very useful.

If you're looking for a reliable yet inexpensive alternative, this Black+Decker Angle Grinder Tool is an excellent choice. We are talking about a tool with a 6.5-amp motor that can deliver 10,000 RPM. Overall, it's a powerful tool with many extra features for user convenience, so it's definitely worth checking out.

This tool operates with ease and is ideal for sharpening, cutting, and grinding different materials as well as surface preparation. It's quite efficient and fast, providing excellent results. When it comes to its overall design, we are quite impressed there too. The Black+Decker angle grinder features a three-position side handle for more control over the tool and superior comfort. The spindle lock allows for easy disc changes, and the narrow body provides a secure grip at all times. Furthermore, the tool comes with a sturdy metal case for more durability.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the Black+Decker angle grinder might have overheating issues. The tool becomes rather hot during extended use, so you might need to take occasional breaks. Another minor issue might come from the power switch, as it tends to jam. Some buyers also complained about the included grinding wheel being of poor quality.

Milwaukee offers one of the top cordless angle grinders on the market. This particular model has a brushless motor that delivers a speed of 8,500 RPM and proves to be long-lasting. Another important thing to mention is its innovative design. Thanks to the Redlink Plus Intelligence, the tool offers an enhanced battery life and much better results compared to other cordless angle grinders.

Overall, the tool is super efficient and easy to use. Changing discs and making guard adjustments is as simple as it can be. Additionally, the paddle-switch design ensures comfort in all positions and at any time. All you need to do is to recharge lithium-ion batteries accordingly and you'll be ready to cut, grind, and clean different surfaces. Thanks to the protection against dust and debris, you won't have issues with the tool clogging.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind with this tool, however. First, the external components are somewhat fragile, so you might need to handle the tool carefully. Second, the angle grinder is quite heavy. It might be a little challenging to move it around at your will.

This is a handy angle grinder from Dewalt. It's a cordless tool with 20V lithium-ion batteries you can recharge, depending on your needs. With a speed of 8,000 RPM, the Dewalt angle grinder is perfect for light-to-medium demanding projects.

The tool is super easy to operate. It weighs only five pounds and is highly portable. Even more important, it comes with a quick-change wheel release button, allowing you to change discs in a breeze. There's also a two-finger trigger switch with lock-off button for more convenient handling and extra security. Additionally, the tool has a two-position side handle you can adjust for ultimate control and comfort during use. It proves to be easy to figure out and allows you to cut through all kinds of metals.

One of the main issues with this tool concerns the fact you get the bare tool only. The package doesn't include any discs or batteries, so you'll have to buy all those accessories separately. That might turn out rather expensive. Also, the tool is not the best option for heavy daily jobs and industrial purposes.

Here we have another high-quality tool from a reliable company. The Porter-Cable angle grinder features a motor that produces 8,500 RPM and has a 20V battery. It's quite an efficient and accurate tool you can use for cutting, grinding, and preparing surfaces.

The tool has a cast metal gear housing that prevents overheating and ensures a long lifespan. There's also a spindle lock for quick and easy disc changes and a three-position side handle that allows for adjustments and convenient handling. Overall, the tool is ergonomically designed, and both professionals and hobbyists can use it for a wide range of projects.

However, don't forget that this tool provides 8,500 RPM. Although it's very efficient and accurate, it might not be able to tackle demanding and heavy-duty projects. Another minor inconvenience is battery life. You might need to frequently recharge the tool and make breaks when handling projects.

Dewalt offers another angle grinder worthy of your attention. With a 11,000 RPM motor, this corded tool is ideal for both heavy-duty and light use. It's able to cut and grind through all kinds of materials, even extra thick metals. Users find it quite convenient and reliable for short and extended use.

The thing that makes this tool special is the brushless motor. It ensures continuous power output and exceptional durability. However, there are other parts and extra features to look forward to. For example, the spindle allows for effortless disc replacements, and the handguard ensures more safety during every use. There's also a two-position side handle with a quality coat to ensure the overall comfort during the use. Additionally, the tool has a retractable utility hook for convenient hanging.

The tool is on the large and heavy side, though. It's challenging to use it in tight areas and might require some extra effort. Another minor inconvenience comes from the design of the locking mechanism. The trigger is awkwardly positioned and is quite tricky to press, especially with gloves on.

The Metabo angle grinder features a 6.2-amp motor and provides 10,000 RPM. It's an efficient tool that not only includes a carrying case, but five grinding discs too. Therefore, you get to use the tool straight from the box and achieve flawless grinding and cutting results.

The tool is overall very efficient, accurate, and easy to use. It has a removable side handle for a better grip, more control, and enhanced comfort. Weighing only four pounds, the angle grinder is super lightweight and highly portable. You can move it around with ease, handle different projects, and reach tight areas. Additionally, there's a spindle lock for easy disc changes and a quick off switch for enhanced safety.

Still, some users don't like the design of the switch. It's located in a hard-to-reach part of the tool and is tricky to press, especially with gloves on. Also, some buyers complained about the width of the handle. They find it a tad short and less comfortable on extended use.

Tacklife offers an angle grinder suitable for cutting and grinding applications. With an 8.5-amp motor that can provide 12,000 RPM, the tool is ideal for a wide range of projects. People mostly use it for cleaning rust, cutting and grinding metals, tiles, woods, and more. They are also very satisfied with the tool's performance.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed body and a two-position side handle, the tool provides more control and enhanced comfort. The handle also prevents vibration, ensuring you have a secure and firm grip all the time. Additionally, the spindle thread allows for quick accessory changes and accommodates a wide range of discs. You'll love the U-shaped guard that is easy to adjust and keeps the hand safe from flying particles.

However, keep in mind that this is an inexpensive option suitable for home projects. If you need a heavy-duty angle grinder for professional and industrial purposes, the Tacklife might not be the right option. Also, the tool comes with a flimsy bag you probably won't be able to use at all.

Makita is a widely-known company that produces high-quality tools and accessories. Here, we have a handy angle grinder that works on lithium-ion batteries and features a brushless motor. Considering the high power output and excellent precision, the tool is perfect for a wide range of applications that include cutting and grinding materials.

The Makita angle grinder features an active feedback-sensing technology, which means it shuts off the motor if the wheel stops suddenly. It's a convenient feature that ensures safety during every application.

There's also an automatic speed change feature for ultimate performance as well as many extras. For example, the angle grinder comes with a handguard and has a rubberized handle for more comfort. The three-stage LED gauge is also handy because it indicates the charge level. Additionally, the tool is lightweight, compact, and highly portable.

The tool is not without drawbacks, however. First of all, it's pricey, especially considering you'll need to buy some attachments separately, such as a vacuum adapter. Secondly, the battery life is not very impressive. You'll probably have to take breaks and recharge the tool frequently. Lastly, there's no storage bag in the package.

A: It depends on how well you know how to use the equipment. You should test out new wheels in a protected space before using them. To guarantee your safety, be sure to position the work piece so that all the dirt flies downwards, and avoid taking the wheels close to the edge. They may get caught up and kick back the object. 

A: Angle grinders come with different discs or blades designed for working on different surfaces. You can find a disc that is suitable for cutting through tough metal or other hard surfaces, including rebar, concrete, tiles, and stone. Metal cutting discs are usually thinner and can cut through dimensional steel, pipes, metal plates, and sheet metal. 

A: Imagine buying an angle grinder that bursts into a powerful force every time you start it. Your hands would strain to control the tool and direct it to the surface. Soft start technology eliminates this problem. It ensures that the power tool starts off at a slower speed before it builds up to the right speed to handle the task at hand. It’s meant to reduce user fatigue when operating the tool. 

Our top pick is the Bosch Angle Grinder. It can handle tough detailing jobs and has a durable design that’s protected from abrasion damage.  

If you are looking for a cheaper angle grinder, consider the BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool. 

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